Goals Setting for the Busy Creative

I'm not really one for new years resolutions, but I've decided that I would like to consider setting a few goals for the year. Draw everyday. Do one painting a month. Revisit my portfolio. Design a t-shirt. Design a sticker. Find 12 new artists. Create a new art book that features unpublished artists. Book my speaking and convention dates early. Do one world building exercise. Attend at least one new event professionally, and one personally. Alright, that'll do for starters. Last year, I found that it was useful for me to write things down that I want to accomplish. It helped me focus on what was important to me, and start to prioritize tasks. In fact, I found that it was even more useful to put them onto a calendar and force myself to set aside time to accomplish the tasks. Seems kind of simplistic doesn't it? Set aside time to accomplish something important. A crazy novel idea, huh? You'd think someone would have thought of that before.

Okay, I know it isn't a brilliant new concept. Folks have been doing it for years. The problem is - no one taught me to do that! I would just flit from one task to another - doing whatever bright shiny bauble caught my attention at the time. Sure, I was always entertained, but I wasn't necessarily very productive of effective. I needed to get myself organized or my wife or boss were going to kill me. I don't know about you, but my life is very full and I am constantly finding myself with less time than tasks. I've finally started getting a little bit organized (imagine that...after only 50 years!), and the calendar technique has become one of my most useful and effective ways of staying organized. Now that I've got a list of things I'd like to accomplish during the year - I'll sit down with my calendar and start setting aside time to accomplish them. How about you - do you have a list of resolutions or goals?

What steps are you going to take to make them happen? Do you write things on your calendar, make to-do lists, have software helpers, fly by the seat of your pants? Each of us has to find a system that works for us. Share your system and maybe you can help teach someone else a tool that will dramatically affect their life. WMC Fest. Speaking of my calendar, you might notice that one of my goals is to book my conventions and speaking engagements early. One event is trying to help me do that. I recently received an invite to speak at the Weapons of Mass Creation event hosted by Go Media. We'll see if we can sort out the details, but I wanted to point out the event to everyone and give it a quick plug. It sounds like a great event - 20 speakers, 20 designers and 20 bands. It's got to be one of the least expensive events I've run across, and a portion of the funds help benefit a good cause. If you are in the US midwest in June.