Wonderful Day

Wow, did we ever wake to a beautiful day. The sun is shining, and it was a cool crisp 58 degrees on my walk, just the way I like it. Too beautiful to have anything plugged into my ear, just cool clean air to clear the cobwebs from of my mind. Thanks mother nature, you did good work today. A week or so ago I wrote about a case of plague in Oregon and we wondered how that could have happened in today's world. There's been another article in the paper about this man, and it is much more informative. I had no idea plague could wreak such damage on a person's body. I suggest you read the article. I think you'll find it interesting. Today I'm off to click my shoes in the air and have a good day.

IlluxCon Memories

Finally, I did something different this year. I invited my wife along. I did so with a boatload of trepidation. I worried she would get bored, or feel left out due to my work schedule. I even had a bit of a fear that she wouldn't like the artists that I call friends. All irrational fears of course, but that is the nature of fear, right? I couldn't have been more wrong. More interesting though was how much we learned about each other at the event. We were able to see each other in an environment that was completely different from any we had seen each other in before. My respect for my wife grew even more, and my admiration for her kind spirit and love of her playful nature were reaffirmed. And a "thank you" to everyone that welcomed her with open arms. Alright, another IlluxCon has come and gone. When I get my camera back with my luggage, I'll toss up a few images that are interesting, and as my brain recovers from it's post-con fuzz I'll try to remember some of the great questions I got over the course of the event and share them here. It's good to be back...